Fitness Training


Fitness training is an important part of regenerative medicine because it offers several benefits that can enhance or improve your body overall. When you practice fitness training, you’re allowing your muscles to contract and expand. This encourages healthy blood flow throughout your muscles.

Fitness training can also help to prevent or slow the onset of chronic diseases and injuries like arthritis, articular cartilage injuries, meniscal tears, tendon tears, ligament injuries, and muscle strains or sprains. There are dozens of different fitness training routes you can take, and you can commit to one or try a few.

Weight training and using a personal trainer to guide you through strengthening exercises is an important part of regenerative medicine. When you come to our practice, you’ll be able to utilize our small, intimate gym on site, and one of our personal trainers will give you exclusive one-on-one fitness training or weight lifting conditioning.

We also include physician-observed fitness training sessions at our gym, and this allows Dr. Duffner and Dr. Wilgarde to customize and personalize a fitness routine for you that will help you get the most out of each session. When you combine this with all of the injections and therapies we offer, you have a powerful tool to help you heal from injuries and degenerative condition damage.

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